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It remains one of the most important subjects, the technical information of your truck tyres. A truck tyre requires a lot of technical knowledge. Our experts will be pleased to provide you with technical information on truck tyres, such as the weight, the ideal tyre pressure, the minimum profile depth and the regrooving of truck tyres. Aeolus, No Matter What!

Technical Information Truck Tyre - Aeolus Tures

The ideal pressure of a truck tyre

Ideal Truck Tyre Pressure - Aeolus TyresThe ideal pressure of a truck tyre is different for each type and size. The right pressure of the same tyre is also different for each truck. This may be due to various things, such as the size of the truck, but also its weight. In addition, it is also important to know that the tyre pressure depends to a large extent on the tyre size. The ideal pressure of a truck tyre is generally between 8 and 9 bar. However, for a 22.5-inch tyre it is between 7 and 9 bar.

How do you measure the pressure of a truck tyre?

Without a tyre monitoring system, you can still measure the tyre pressure. You can do this by going to your dealer but you can also go to some petrol stations to measure it yourself. Furthermore, a tyre specialist can always provide you with information on measuring the correct pressure of your truck tyres.

Why is correct tyre pressure so important?

Driving with incorrect tyre pressure entails risks, but also causes rapid wear of your tyres. Driving with the correct tyre pressure also has a number of advantages. We would like to summarise these advantages for you:

  • Save fuel thanks to the correct tyre pressure; this can save up to 3% per different bar!
  • The chance of accidents is reduced by 10%. Your braking distance will be a lot shorter with the right tyre pressure.
  • You extend the life of your tyres, thus indirectly saving money

Converting tyre pressure

Below you will find a table that allows you to easily convert your tyre pressure.

Tyre pressure conversion table - Aeolus Tyres

What is the minimum tread depth of a truck tyre?

Tread Wear Indicator Truck tyre - Aeolus TyresLegislation in the European countries may differ when it comes to minimum tread depth. As of 1 January 2021, in England truck tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1 mm. Most European countries have a standard of 1.6 mm, which is the absolute minimum tread depth. In any case, make sure that you always have more than 1.6 mm profile depth.

The tread of a tyre contains a wear indicator, also known as the 'Tread wear indicator' (TWI). This indicator can be used to check the wear of the tyre. Does the 'Tread wear indicator' touch the road surface? Then your tyre is worn out and has reached the minimum tread depth and it is time to buy new tyres.

How do you measure the tread depth of your truck tyres?

Measuring the profile depth of truck tyres can be done using the 'Tread wear indicator'. This way you can quickly and easily see how much tread depth you have left. The profile depth can also be measured with a digital and/or analogue gauge. Your Aeolus dealer or tyre specialist will be pleased to help you when it comes to profile depth and thus to ensure a safe journey.

Disadvantages of driving on truck tyres with low profile dept

It is very important that you keep checking the tread depth of your tyres. Driving on worn tyres means your truck has less grip on the road. A low profile depth also means that the water on the road cannot be discharged properly, which can cause aquaplaning. The risk of aquaplaning in trucks is much lower than in cars, but it is better not to take any risks.

How does regrooving work on a truck tyre?

Regrooving, retreading of truck tyres - Aeolus TyresSlitting tyres, also known as regrooving or retreading, is absolutely not safe for cars and is also forbidden. However, it is a different story for truck tyres. It is allowed to do this to truck tyres. The tyres that are suitable for this are clearly marked on the sidewall with the word 'Regroovable' or the symbol 'U'.

What is the advantage of regrooving?

When a truck tyre is suitable for regrooving, this brings a number of advantages. We will be pleased to summarise the advantages for you:

  • Regrooved truck tyres last a quarter longer. In short, you do not need to invest in new truck tyres as often!
  • Your truck saves fuel when you drive with retreaded truck tyres. This also contributes to reducing your costs!
  • Regrooving is a lot less damaging to the environment than making new tyres.

How much does a truck tyre weigh?

The weight of different types of truck tyres can vary widely. One truck tyre can weigh a lot less than agricultural and earthmover tyres. The weight of a truck tyre varies due to several factors of the tyre. The diameter of the truck tyre plays an important role here. In general, the larger the diameter of a truck tyre, the heavier it weighs. Of course, this differs per brand and per tyre specification. The weight of Aeolus truck tyres is approximately between 30 and 95 kilograms.

Here you can find all Aeolus truck tyres with the corresponding technical specifications.

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