23 juli 2019

Improved Aeolus NEO Allroads for trailers: the T2

All-round tyre for heavy loads

Aeolus has improved its most popular universal trailer tyre. This tyre will now be available under the name NEO Allroads T2 and can be seen as the successor of the well known T+. In size 385/65R22.5, load capacity has been increased from 160K to 164K - which is equivalent to 5,000 kg per tyre - and the 3PMSF symbol is standard. The 2-year 100% warranty also proves the tyre's attractive price/quality ratio.

“We always develop and produce tyres that allow us to anticipate demand in the market,” explains product manager Jeroen Vos. “In this case, it included adding the snowflake symbol. We also noticed that high loads are becoming the norm in the transport sector. With this in mind, we want to offer high basic quality at a low price per kilometre.” That is why ChemChina, which is the parent company of Aeolus, decided to take over Pirelli in 2016 (including its existing patents, licenses and know-how). The volume offered by Aeolus, together with the technology of Pirelli, is helping to produce highly innovative tyres that are available from stock in almost all sizes and patterns. A complete overview of sizes for the NEO Allroads can be found at heuver.com/aeolus-neo.

Higher load capacity and 3PMSF as standard
Jeroen Vos: “The tyres feature the 3PMSF label as standard. Because the snowflake symbol is becoming mandatory in more and more countries, we decided to modify the tyre's pattern. The addition of sipes has helped to improve grip and ensure effective braking. And an innovative casing structure has helped to increase the tyre’s load capacity from 160K to 164K in size 385/65R22.5.”

A 100% warranty for a period of 2 years.
People who now buy Aeolus tyres will receive a 2 year 100% warranty. Aeolus is the only brand to offer such a warranty in this segment. This means you will be fully reimbursed - irrespective of the cause - if the tyre must be replaced within 2 years. This warranty, together with the casing warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance, proves the rock solid price/quality ratio of Aeolus tyres. Since its introduction in Europe in 2004, Aeolus has developed into the leading alternative for renowned A brands.

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