20 juni 2014

Aeolus Tyres expands existing range by adding tyres for specific purposes

Standing still means going backwards. This is something Aeolus Tyres fully understands. That's why the introduction of new tyres is never a static process. Aeolus has now brought two very important new tyres on to the market: the AR28 for mobile cranes and the AL58 for vehicles like shovels and scrapers. Both tyres place specific emphasis on the rubber compound and profile, which has helped to further improve specifications for special applications. Both tyres are available immediately.

Price/quality ratio

“The range has expanded greatly since Aeolus Tyres was launched on to the European market”, states Bertus Heuver, director of Heuver Tyrewholesale. “An integral part of this success is the drive to innovate and further develop new and existing tyres and profiles. As exclusive Aeolus importer for Europe, we always monitor the market very closely. If we identify new needs, we report them immediately to the factory and they are able to meet these needs in a relatively short time frame. Aeolus thus allows us to offer a fantastic product to our customers, with a price/quality ratio that makes it an excellent alternative for renowned brands. The AR28 and AL58 will distinguish themselves in the same manner.”

Strength and durability

The AR28 for mobile cranes is immediately available in size 385/95R25 (170F); size 445/95R25 (174F) will follow shortly. This tyre is specifically intended for mobile cranes that are used on-the-road as well as off-the-road. The tyre has an innovative self-cleansing profile, which means it offers maximum traction in all circumstances. It is suitable for speeds of up to 80 km/h.

The AL58 is the latest development in robust tyres for intensive, heavy-duty use. The tyre has a directional profile, which helps to provide ample grip. The AL58 is intended for shovels, scrapers and graders, and is suitable for use on rough terrains. Like the AL59, it is available immediately in size 20.5R25 (193A2)

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