21 augustus 2014

Aeolus Eco-Twin tyres greatly improve efficiency thanks to ‘Second Life’ formula

Aeolus Eco-Twin tyres, which Heuver Tyrewholesale developed together with Aeolus Tyres, have become a permanent feature in our range. ‘Eco-Twin’ is the equivalent of ‘Second Life’, the formula where used and approved Aeolus carcases are given a new tread via hot renewal. Worn out tyres are thus revived, and offer quality and life expectancy comparable with that of new tyres. And by also taking advantage of Heuver’s ‘driveability concept’, users can reduce costs and significantly improve efficiency.

Kilometre price

Aeolus carcases, which have been approved by our quality control managers, are given a new, high quality tread via a strictly regulated hot renewal process. As a result, these ‘Second Life’ tyres feature the same characteristics as new tyres. This allows users to reduce costs and to significantly improve efficiency. Renewed tyres make the price per kilometre even more appealing when compared to only the original tyre. By selecting the Heuver ‘driveability concept’, where new and renewed tyres are always combined, you will be able to achieve major improvements in efficiency.

Cost-effective and environment-friendly

On average, the carcase accounts for 70% of all (production) costs associated with a tyre. The Eco-Twin principle helps to reduce this share of the energy and raw material costs. And this has a double effect: on the one hand, impact on the environment and the use of raw materials decreases and, on the other hand, the overall cost of tyres is reduced. As far as Heuver and Aeolus are concerned, cost-efficiency and environment-friendliness go hand in hand!
Aeolus Eco-Twin tyres are a permanent feature in our range. Heuver uses Eco-Twin to assist its customers, who can in-turn offer their customers, like fleet owners in the transport sector, an attractive alternative option. Aeolus is thus also The Leading Alternative in the second life phase.

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