• Robust design for the entire tyre structure, including the casing
  • Precise manoeuvrability thanks to the profile designed for the steer axle
  • Greater cornering stability due to the robust tyre shoulder area
  • Ideal for small radii – stop-and-go driving and turning in confined spaces

Technical data

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Size Profile LI/SS TL/TT 3PMSF Rolling Resistance Grip Sound
265/70R19.5 HN257 140/138M TL D C 73 dB (2) Details
12R22.5 HN257 152/149M TL D C 73 dB () Details
275/70R22.5 HN257 148/145M TL C C 73 dB (2) Details
295/60R22.5 HN257 149/146L(150/147K) TL D C 73 dB (2) Details
11R24.5 HN257 148/144M TL D C 73 dB (2) Details


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