• Suitable for Euro 6 legislation (High Load)
  • Long life-span thanks to extra wide and extra deep pattern
  • Safe driving and braking thanks to intelligent pattern with 4 Z-shaped longitudinal grooves
  • Perfect handling on dry and wet surfaces thanks to refined pattern structure
  • Noise-friendly due to optimised pattern design
  • Ingenious rubber mix ensures balanced heat control
  • Resistant against stone build-up due to interchanging pattern grooves

Technical data

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Size Profile LI/SS TL/TT 3PMSF Rolling Resistance Grip Sound
215/75R17.5 NEO ALLROADS S 126/124M TL D C 72 dB () Details
235/75R17.5 NEO ALLROADS S 132/130M TL D C 72 dB () Details
235/75R17.5 NEO ALLROADS S 132/130M TL D C 73 dB (2) Details
245/70R17.5 NEO ALLROADS S 136/134M TL D C 72 dB () Details
265/70R19.5 Neo Allroads S 140M TL C B 72 dB () Details
285/70R19.5 NEO ALLROADS S 145/143M(146/144L) TL C C 72 dB () Details
295/80R22.5 NEO ALLROADS S 154/149M TL D C 72 dB () Details
315/70R22.5 NEO ALLROADS S 156/150L(152/148M) TL B B 73 dB () Details
315/80R22.5 NEO ALLROADS S 158/150L(154/150M) TL B C 73 dB () Details


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