July 24, 2014

Aeolus Breakdown Service offers transporters 24-hour certainty throughout Europe

The Aeolus Breakdown Service offers certainty to transporters. In today's complex logistical process, there is a great deal of pressure on costs. And all transporters want to avoid non-activity caused by punctured tyres because it goes hand-in-hand with extra costs. As a result, Aeolus thinks users should have complete confidence in the quality of their tyres and the accompanying service. Via the Aeolus Breakdown Service, trucks stranded anywhere in Europe will be able to quickly continue their journeys after assistance from affiliated Aeolus tyre specialists.

Reduce non-activity for customers

“We believe service should not simply stop once tyres have been sold”, states Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale. “We always focus on our customers, but also their customers. Transporters make a well-founded decision when they opt for Aeolus tyres. And, as Aeolus importer, we want to make this decision easier by offering maximum service and certainty, like via the Aeolus Breakdown Service. And if drivers encounter a flat tyre during their deliveries, all they have to do is phone the Aeolus support centre. They will be addressed in their preferred language and will receive on-location assistance from an Aeolus tyre specialist. This offers transporters twice as much certainty: trucks will quickly be on the road again and punctured Aeolus tyres will simply be replaced by new Aeolus tyres. Costs and use-related conditions thus remain the same.”

Service throughout Europe

The Aeolus Breakdown Service includes a European Service Centre to which over 7,400 tyre specialists are affiliated throughout Europe. They possess special recovery vehicles that allow technicians to quickly and efficiently provide support on-location. The aim is to keep non-activity to a minimum. The Aeolus Breakdown Service can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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