July 10, 2014

Aeolus AGB20 - the all-rounder for intensive city use

Thanks to the Aeolus AGB20 bus tyre, Aeolus Tyrewholesale can offer a tyre capable of resisting the intensive daily challenges posed by inner-city and sub-urban traffic. Repetitive acceleration, braking and unavoidable contact with pavement edges places great strain on tyres. Aeolus has now developed the AGB20 for such demanding circumstances. This tyre is suitable for city buses, refuse trucks and road-cleaning vehicles.

Safe and very cost-effective

“Aeolus’ versatility has been fully reflected in the AGB20 bus tyre”, states Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale. “For instance, tyres on city buses and refuse trucks are put under great stress because they continuously have to ‘stop-and-go’. Tyres must be able to cope with heavy loads, must offer a high level of safety, deal with intensive friction in tight turns, and must be able to resist countless minor collisions against obstacles and pavement edges. Due to a special rubber compound and an intelligent profile, this tyre ensures safe handling on wet road surfaces. This is very important if you transport passengers! High kilometrage, the ability to re-profile the tyres and low rolling resistance make the AGB20 bus tyre very cost-effective. This is an important consideration for transport companies and road-cleaning authorities.”

Resistance against damage

The Aeolus AGB20 features a reinforced side-wall, which allows it to resist all the minor collisions and scrapes with pavement edges and other obstacles. Due to the special rubber compound, the standard tyre features an M+S mark and can be used throughout the year. The tyre can be mounted on the steering axle as well as the drive axle. The tread can be re-profiled and the strong carcase is also suitable for tread renewal. These are important considerations when optimising cost-effectiveness.

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