NEO Serie

NEW! Aeolus NEO Serie new Aeolus quality norm.

Aeolus is growing into a top brand and this is reflected in the NEO series. This is the name Aeolus uses to deliver modern ‘European’ tyres. Produced using the latest technology, tyres in the NEO series meet all the wishes and requirements of European users.

Thanks to a partnership with Pirelli, each tyre in the NEO series has a new type of casing, which features the latest technologies. This helps to meet the latest norms and requirements in the European market, which are the most stringent in the world. ‘NEO tyres’ have a long life-span and are ideal for tread renewal. They thus offer extra-high efficiency because extended use results in lower overall operating costs. In terms of rubber mix, the tyres suffer minimum wear & tear and offer maximum grip. In addition, durability and sustainability are also taken into account during the production process, which has a positive impact on life-span, fuel economy and road safety.

The NEO series helps to realise a leading position in the replacement and first assembly market. Aeolus is now renowned as a manufacturer of high quality tyres with an attractive price/quality ratio. The NEO series is Aeolus’ way of doing more to fulfil its ambition of being a leading worldwide brand.


Areas of deployment Axle position
Allroads = regional transport S = steering axle
Fuel = international transport D = drive axle
Construct = mixed transport/on-off T = tariler/low loader
Urban = city transport/bus G = general/all position
Winter = winter tyres  

The arrival of the NEO series also sees Aeolus introducing a new type marking. This marking will soon feature three components: series name, area of deployment and axle position:


Aeolus Tyres marker

You can find Aeolus Tyres everywhere. Even in your neighborhood!